How do you book a reception or order a buffet?

Send us an email at info@traiteurdufour.be

What if my reception starts later than agreed?

We will wait 20 minutes longer for free, after which the time will be deducted from your reception

What if there are more people during the reception than we discussed?

We count twice during your receipt. If there are more people than discussed, we will charge for the additional guests.

Is it possible to have different reception formulas for 1 event? For example, classic and vegetarian reception.

No, it is not possible to mix reception modes for your event, but if there are vegetarians at your reception, we will certainly provide plenty of options for them.

How are the buffets served?

We prepare them on ready-made plates and bowls. We only ask that you return the washed dishes to our address Korbeekoase 9, 3000 Leuven

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